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  • What is the voucher card?

    We offer a Voucher Card for returns made at Shopping Centres. The PIN number can be found hidden under the scratch panel on the card.

    If your gift/voucher card does not have a PIN it can only be used in Shopping Centres. If you wish to make a purchase online you will need to visit one of our Shopping Centres to exchange it for one with a PIN. We apologise for any inconvenience.

    You can use one or more (up to 10) Voucher Cards to pay for purchases on our website, except for the following product categories: mattresses, furniture (made to order or customised), air conditioning, flowers and gifts, and Supermarket. The voucher card cannot be used to purchase digital products.

    • If the amount of your order is greater than the balance of your Voucher Card, you will be asked to use another payment method to settle the remaining amount.
    • If, from the time you process your order to the time you receive it, you have spent the balance of your Voucher Card, you will be charged the full value of the order via the other payment method that you specified.
    • In the event that your order is cancelled, your Voucher Card will be refunded the amount that you used for the purchase. It is therefore essential to keep your Voucher Card for one month after receiving your order.
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