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ALMIRON multicereales ecológicos sin aceite de palma a partir de 6 meses bag 200 g
(19,75 € / Kg)
4 HECTAREAS Veggy Bol 100% organic cous cous with vegetables container 65 g
(38,31 € / Kg)
ALMIRON cereales ecológicos sin gluten y sin aceite de palma a partir de 4 meses bag 200 g
(19,75 € / Kg)
4 HECTAREAS organic pulse mix for burgers Provençal style bag 140 g
(21,07 € / Kg)

The food we eat is increasingly important to us, for our health and the sustainability of our environment. At Hipercor and the El Corte Inglés Supermarket we're aware of this, and that's why we offer you the best selection of environmentally-friendly products in all categories, to satisfy the needs of the most demanding consumers. That's why in our organic supermarket you'll find organic fruitorganic fishorganic oil, all kinds of organic dairy, organic preserved vegetables and organic canned fish plus much more.

The prices and special offers shown are valid in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. To see prices for the Canary Islands, please register or enter a postcode.

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