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  1. Bin liners
  2. Mops
  3. Multi-use cloths
  4. Rubber gloves
  5. Window cloths
  6. Dusters
  7. Mops
  8. Fibre scourer with sponge
  9. Fibre scourer
  10. Metallic scourer
  11. Feather duster
  12. Broom and floor brush
  13. Handle for mop and brush
  14. Clothes brush and fluff remover
  15. Bucket with wringer
  16. Dustpan
  17. Washing up brush
  18. Glasses cleaner
  19. Window cleaning device
  20. Plunger
  21. Dustbin
  22. Washing-up bowls
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VIGAR Plunger with ergonomic grip 1 each
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