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Buy Freshly cut cheese and charcuterie Online
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FRIAL Roasted Prague Iberian ham
26,99 €/kg
21,50 €/kg
CAMPOESTRELLA Mature sheep's milk cheese made with raw milk + cured for 12 months piece 700 g
(12,71 € / Kilo)
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CAMPOFRIO Premium cooked ham
11,75 €/kg
9,49 €/kg
FRIAL natural turkey breast
13,95 €/kg
FERRARINI High quality cooked Italian ham
17,50 €/kg
EL CORTE INGLES Premium cooked ham
10,00 €/kg
CAMPOFRIO Pavofrío low-fat turkey breast
11,50 €/kg
9,49 €/kg
ROLFHO superior extra salchichon approximate weight piece 1,7 kg
11,50 €/kg
CAMPOFRIO Pavofrío braised turkey breast, gluten-free and low-fat
13,75 €/kg
9,49 €/kg
GARCIA BAQUERO Semi-mature blended full-fat cheese made with pasteurised milk approximate weight piece 3,35 kg
12,50 €/kg
50% Iberian grain-fed ham piece 8 kg
(16,12 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Gran Reserva deboned serrano ham
17,25 €/kg
FLOR DE ESGUEVA Aged sheep's milk made with raw milk matured in rind approximate weight piece 3,2 kg
17,25 €/kg
14,90 €/kg
EL CORTE INGLES Premium cooked turkey breast, gluten-free
9,90 €/kg
JULIAN MARTIN 50% Iberian grain-fed ham hand-sliced
59,90 €/kg
59,00 €/kg
ARLA Block of Danish Havarti cheese
11,59 €/kg
NAVIDUL Cuatro Estaciones Reserva deboned serrano ham, cured for more than 12 months
19,90 €/kg
16,90 €/kg
FERRARINI Italian mortadella PGI Bologna
14,50 €/kg
ELPOZO Edición 1954 premium Duroc mixed breed cooked ham
10,75 €/kg
ELPOZO 1954 Edition braised turkey breast
10,95 €/kg
LA SELVA chopped ham
8,50 €/kg
6,50 €/kg
CAMPOFRIO Premium selection Gran Reserva premium cooked ham
15,95 €/kg
11,59 €/kg
LA CARLOTEÑA stuffed baked chicken
11,25 €/kg
CAMPOFRIO Premium oven braised ham
13,60 €/kg
9,49 €/kg
ELPOZO BienStar low-fat premium cooked ham
10,50 €/kg
LARSA Trébol block of classic matured full-fat cow's cheese made with pasteurised milk
9,95 €/kg
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