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BIMBO crustless sliced bread bag 450 g
(5,09 € / Kg)
BIMBO ARTESANO sliced bread bag 550 g
(4,48 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES original sliced bread with crust 26 slices bag 820 g
(1,91 € / Kg)
BIMBO Family sliced bread with crust bag 700 g
(3 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES Original crust-free sliced bread, bag 450 g
(3,82 € / Kg)
ARTIACH DINOSAURUS Cereal biscuits with vitamins economy pack packet 411 g
(7,27 € / Kg)
CUETARA TOSTA RICA breakfast biscuits with vitamins, iron, calcium and cereals box 860 g
(4,41 € / Kg)
THE RUSTIK BAKERY 10% sourdough bread container 450 g
(5,89 € / Kg)
BIMBO 100% natural crustless sliced bread with olive oil milk-free and lactose-free bag 450 g
(6,11 € / Kg)
BIMBO Big sliced bread with crust and no added sugar bag 420 g
(3,60 € / Kg)
BIMBO 100% natural milk-free and lactose-free sliced bread with olive oil bag 460 g
(4,98 € / Kg)
BIMBO Hot Dog buns bag 6-pack bag 330 g
(4,82 € / Kg)
LA BELLA EASO Individually wrapped magdalena cakes bag 522 g 18 units
(5,08 € / Kg)
BIMBO 100% natural wholemeal sliced bread with olive oil milk-free and lactose-free bag 450 g
(5,56 € / Kg)
CHIPS AHOY mini chocolate chip cookies box 160 g
(10,31 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES wholemeal sliced bread with crust 26 slices bag 820 g
(1,57 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES maxi hamburger buns with sesame 4 units bag 300 g
(4,17 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES Maria Doradas biscuits container 800 g
(1,69 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES individually wrapped round magdalena cakes bag 615 g
(4,20 € / Kg)
CUETARA CHOCO FLAKES Biscuits filled with chocolate chips packet 520 g
(5,44 € / Kg)
NESTLE EXTRAFINO Extra fine milk chocolate, gluten-free 3-pack bars 125 g
(7,60 € / Kg)
FONTANEDA La Buena María breakfast biscuits box 800 g
(3,19 € / Kg)
BIMBO Maxi-Burger buns 4-pack bag 300 g
(6,63 € / Kg)
EL CORTE INGLES hot-dog buns 6 units bag 330 g
(2,88 € / Kg)

What type of breakfast do you prefer? Are you more a sweet or savoury breakfast type?  At the Hipercor online Supermarket you'll have a hard time choosing because you'll want everything. Find a delicious variety of pastries and cakes of all kinds and in different sizes. To enjoy any time, give yourself a treat or start the day on the right foot, we offer you coffees and cocoas from the best brands with special flavours or for all tastes.

Hand-made, with authentic and novel flavours, different textures... At our online Supermarket we offer a wide range of cereals for adults and kids.  You'll find it simple and convenient to find your favourite products from your computer, tablet or smartphone.

And thanks to our fantastic 2 for 1 and 3 for 2 and many more offers, you can save on your shopping by combining various products. Discover them by browsing the list and adding the products you want to your basket. You can also save your favourite products to a list, making it simple and quick to place future orders. Add variety to your cupboards with our breakfast, sweets and bread section so you have everything you need to surprise your guests.

Did you know that once you purchase a certain jam or any other product you won't have to look for it again for future orders? Just go to your frequent products section to find all the breakfast products you usually purchase at our Supermarket, whether online or at shopping centres, and choose your favourites.

If you need your order as soon as possible, we can deliver it to your chosen address if you process it before midday. If you're going to hold an event with sweets, chewing gum or jelly sweets, you can also schedule delivery within the next 7 days so you don't have to store the products you're not going to use straight away. Would you prefer to collect it at one of our stores? Choose the Click&Car service and drive to the car park, we'll load it directly into your car. It's that simple!

At the Hipercor online Supermarket, you'll find breakfast, sweets and bread products and a wide variety of food, drinks, dairy, frozen and fresh products of the best quality and with irresistible offers to complete your diet. All the break you need for breakfast, a snack or to accompany any meal. Just include your choice  and the other products you need to your basket, we'll pick and deliver them properly prepared, sealed and preserved.

 We strive every day to improve and become your trusted supermarket, and offer you the best products for you and your family.

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