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AZUCARERA white sugar packet 1 kg
(0,79 € / Kilo)
ALIADA Eggs category A size L case 12 units
(1,45 € / Dozen)
PAZO VILANE Class L brown eggs from free-range hens case 12 units
(2,99 € / Dozen)
LAY'S GOURMET Original gluten-free crunchy crisps bag 180 g
(12,72 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES yellowfin tuna in olive oil 6- pack tin 60 drained weight g
(11,53 € / Kilo)
SOS round
grain rice packet 1 kg
(1,52 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES Category A M-L fresh eggs from free-range hens case 12 units
(2,79 € / Dozen)
EL CORTE INGLES category a fresh eggs size XL case 10 units
(2,96 € / Dozen)
EL CORTE INGLES Mild 0.4º olive oil bottle 1 l
(2,68 € / Litre)
AZUCARERA white sugar bag 1,5 kg
(0,79 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES yellowfin tuna in brine 3-pack tin 60 drained weight g
(10,28 € / Kilo)
ALIADA fried tomato sauce 3-pack containers 400 g
(0,83 € / Kilo)
BONDUELLE Sweetcorn with no added sugar 3-pack tins 140 g
(6,55 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES shelled walnuts bag 150 g
(14,60 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES fine salt packet 1 kg
(0,23 € / Kilo)
AZUCARERA wholegrain brown cane sugar container 800 g
(1,94 € / Kilo)
ALIADA refined sunflower oil bottle 1 l
(0,99 € / Litre)
GALLO wheat flour packet 1 kg
(0,95 € / Kilo)
ALIADA Category a fresh eggs size M case 12 units
(1,29 € / Dozen)
ALIADA Cooked chickpeas flask 400 g
(1,48 € / Kilo)
ALIADA round
grain rice packet 1 kg
(0,79 € / Kilo)
GALLO no. 3 spaghetti packet 500 g
(2,10 € / Kilo)
EL CORTE INGLES white wine vinegar bottle 1 l
(0,49 € / Litre)
GALLO macaroni No. 6 packet 1 kg
(1,99 € / Kilo)

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