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KATAKAN absorbent cat litter container 7 l
(0,13 € / Litre)
KATAKAN Premium anti-bacterial absorbent cat litter with lavender aroma container 8 l
(0,21 € / Litre)
KATAKAN Ultraclumping antibacterial cat litter with talcum aroma container 5 l
(0,70 € / Litre)
PEDIGREE BISCROK three varieties of dog biscuits case 500 g
(4,20 € / Kilo)
KATAKAN Wet food with salmon for adult cats tub 100 g
KATAKAN Wet food with chicken for adult dogs tub 300 g
KATAKAN Wet food with beef and liver for adult cats tub 100 g
VITAKRAFT MAGIC CLEAN silica pearls for cats bag 4,2 l
(1,69 € / Litre)
KATAKAN absorbent cat pearls container 5 l
(1,19 € / Litre)
KATAKAN Wet food with ox for adult dogs tub 300 g
KATAKAN Wet dog food meatballs in gravy with beef for adult dogs tin 400 g
KATAKAN Wet dog food chicken meatballs in gravy tin 400 g
VITAKRAFT Multicoloured dog waste bags refill 8 x 20 rolls units
(0,47 € / Unit)
FRISKIES FunTastix dog titbits packet 175 g
(11,14 € / Kilo)
KATAKAN Wet dog food meatballs in gravy with beef and vegetables for adult dogs tin 1,25 kg
KATAKAN Food for adult dogs of all breeds and sizes with ox sack 20 kg
FROLIC Smile Sticks 7 oral snacks for medium-sized dogs packet 175 g
(9,43 € / Kilo)
ULTIMA MINI ADULT food for mini breed adult dogs from 1-8 years old and 1-10 kg bag 1,5 kg with chicken, rice and wholegrain cereals
(3,87 € / Kilo)
CESAR Country Recipes wet dog food with turkey and ox 2 x 150 g tubs with chicken 2 tubs 150 g with beef 2 x 150 g tubs with lamb 2 x 150 g tubs
(6,04 € / Kilo)
ULTIMA STERILISED ADULT cat food for sterilised adult cats aged 1-10 years bag 1,5 kg rich in salmon, barley and whole grains
(5,10 € / Kilo)
ULTIMA STERILISED HAIRBALL cat food for sterilised adult cats aged 1 -10 years bag 1,5 kg for preventing hairballs and rich in turkey, barley and grains
KATAKAN Wet dog food meatballs in gravy with chicken and vegetables for adult dogs tin 1,25 kg
BREKKIES MIX ADULT cat food with oxtail, beef and vegetables for adult cats bag 4 kg
(1,96 € / Kilo)
PEDIGREE DENTASTIX dog snacks for medium dog breeds 28-pack packet 720 g
(13,54 € / Kilo)

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