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CASERITOS CALATAYUD villaroy chicken breast with fresh milk approximate weight tray 400 g
3 fresh days3 fresh days3FRESHDAYS
(6,75 € / Kg)
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Vine tomatoes by weight
3 fresh days3 fresh days3FRESHDAYS
2,49 €/kg
2,39 €/kg
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Spanish gilt-head bream weight piece 600-800 g
2 fresh days2 fresh days2FRESHDAYS
10,95 €/kg
9,90 €/kg
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We know that you're always looking for the highest quality, especially in the freshest items on the market, and we have them all. That's why, when we prepare your order, we make sure to choose the freshest products for you, always checking that they have the  longest expiry date possible, just like if you were choosing them at any of our stores yourself. Our fresh products like lamb or beef are freshly cut just before your order is sent and your order is shipped in vehicles that are fully equipped to ensure that your products arrive in the best condition possible. Our fleet of refrigerated vehicles ensures that your purchase is delivered in optimal conditions, maintaining the cold chain at all times. That's how we  ensure that our fresh products arrive at their destination in perfect condition. And, as you can't see the product for yourself, we inform you and guarantee a minimum expiry date or minimum best before date.

On our website we put ourselves in your hands, so that you can choose the amount in grams and the type of cut of meat you want. You can be sure that our fresh charcuterie and packaged cheese products also come from experienced suppliers who only work with the highest quality ingredients and take care of every last detail so their fresh product is delivered to your home with all its flavour. We're sure that no matter what your selection, it will be excellent.

Our goal is not only to offer you unbeatable quality on fresh meat products, but we also know that the more variety we can offer you, the more we will enrich your diet and that of your loved ones. Buy our quality fresh products and you'll notice the difference both in their flavour and your health.

Remember, not only do we deliver fresh products to your home on the day and during the time slot that best suits you, but you can also place your order for products such as fish from your computer, tablet or smartphone  and choose a centre to pick it up. It's simple and quick. You can come by either in your car or in person and we'll have  the fish you've chosen, from oily fish  to sushi, ready and packaged, waiting for you.

At the Hipercor online Supermarket we hope that your shopping experience is wonderful and that your trust in us grows with each fresh products order you place. We're always here for you; open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Because our number one commitment is to giving you and your loved ones the best food available.

The prices and special offers shown are valid in mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands. To see prices for the Canary Islands, please register or enter a postcode.